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Healthy Rips

Fury Edge
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Fury Edge
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Fierce Vaporizador
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Fierce Vaporizador
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Fury 2
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Fury 2
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Healthy Rips Vaporizer Collection

Healthy Rips vaporizers offer both safety and quality in their units. As their name implies, health is their priority and they devoted their time to create vaporizers that offer just that. Unlike other manufacturers on the market, they focused on not only designing vaporizers that are aesthetically pleasing but also completely safe to use. With their well-made, high tech vaporizers, there is no doubt that you will be able to enjoy a clean, satisfying vape experience like never before.

 In our Healthy Rips Collection, we offer one of Healthy Rips latest creation: the Fury 2 vaporizer who even has a protective cover (sold separately). Although many manufacturers on the market have a wide variety of vaporizers that vary in size, style, functionality, prices and quality, Healthy Rips focused more on designing a small number of units so they could deliver the best in each. We believe that with the quality, ease of use, safety and functionality their vaporizer offer, you will be nothing but satisfied.

Fury 2 Vaporizer

From the moment you unbox the Fury 2, you can see and feel the quality of this unit instantly. The Fury 2 boasts an elegant design that will surely be the center of attention at your next vape session. Although it is super "budget friendly", it does not look it, for it has a high tech, modern design that makes it look more pricey than it is. This is all thanks to Healthy Rips being able to offer quality for a great price and users are more than thankful for such an offer.

Quality Build

The Fury 2 boasts an isolated air path and a high-tech chamber made completely of food grade stainless steel. This unit has actually been certified by the RoHS for 100% health and safety (it doesn't get better than that). The Fury 2 truly is a unit that is made with the smallest details in mind and crafted from the highest quality of materials so you can enjoy a healthy and fun vaporizer experience.

The Fury 2 is not only safe, it is also sturdy, long-lasting and stylish. It is made of kirksite alloy, meaning that it is light, sturdy and strong. Its body is covered with rubberized material that ensures long-lasting functionality and use. It fits perfectly in a pocket, meaning you can take it on the go and enjoy it anywhere without worrying about it breaking.


The Fury 2 was designed to offer the most delicious and most high quality dry herb vape possible. Many users claim that it produces some of the cleanest vapor they’ve tasted yet and we most definitely agree. One of the things that makes the Fury 2 even more recommendable is its mind-blowing heat up time. This unit heats you dry herb evenly and efficiently in an incredible 20 seconds! With this quality vaporizer, you don’t have to wait for your delicious vapor.

This unit has very easy to understand settings and functions. Its OLED display lets you always know its battery life and temperature. Due to the fact that the Fury 2 does not have a complicated learning curve or require a lot of ‘practice’ before you can unlock its full potential, it is more than perfect for vape beginners and vape OG’s alike.

Temperature Settings and Battery Life

Healthy Rips really focused on the quality of this unit and they did not forget about temperature settings or heating methods in the process. This unit has an amazing temperature range of 320-430 degrees Fahrenheit, and is completely adjustable. It utilizes hybrid heating, which is a combination of both conduction and convection to produce the absolute best quality of vapor always. We believe that its temperature settings and quality heating makes this unit even more amazing.

The Fury has a powerful 1600mAh battery that allows you to vape like royalty up to 40 minutes. It charged in an average of 75 to 90 minutes, which is pretty impressive when compared to its competition. This unit comes included with its own USB charging cord that allows you to charge it on the go and enjoy your portable unit wherever you may please.

Overall Quality

Healthy Rips has once again created a unit that allows you to fully enjoy your vape experience feeling completely stress-free. It is by far one of the safest, most high quality dry herb vaporizer on the market and we are confident that you fall in love with it from the moment you see it. Many have already chosen the Fury 2 as their favorite, are you ready to feel the same?

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Healthy Rips Vaporizers - The Definition of Quality

Due to the popularity of vaporizers in recent years, the number of manufacturers, vape products and vape users is increasing, making it is harder to choose a unit out of the thousands of options. Healthy Rips however created vaporizers that are easy to use, well-designed, safe and enjoyable, making them perfect for all vape lovers. We are more than confident that a Healthy Rips Vaporizer will satisfy all your vape needs and make your vape experience better than ever.